Get Fortnite Free V Bucks in 2020

Fortnite V bucks are very popular in the gaming industry because Fortnite is one of the most playing games in the gaming world. This game is developed by Epic Games and available for PlayStation, macOS, Xbox One. Fortnite is an open-world survival game and at a time 100 players skydive onto an island and they try to defend themselves from other players.

There are almost 250 million monthly active users in Fortnite according to the report March 2019 and the estimated value of Fortnite is up to 8 Billion. In Fortnite, you will get costumes, skins or avatars, and weapons like guns, Sniper Rifle, CrossbowRocket, Launcher, HandgunThrowable, GunMinigun, etc.

On winning you will get some surprise gifts, upgrades and V bucks form the side of Fortnite. If you are at a low level and want to get premium items like costumes, skins, etc. then you need V bucks to buy these things. But the problem is you can’t get V bucks for free, you have to buy it by using your currency.

After buying V bucks you can get anything on Fortnite. But everyone not able to buy this digital currency. So, they are trying to get these for free by searching on internet queries like how to get free V bucks, free V bucks, free V bucks for Fortnite, etc.

Well, we find some genuine ways to get free V bucks for Fortnite and working perfectly. But first, you need to know something more about Fortnite. Keep reading this article.

What is Free V Bucks?

V bucks is the official digital currency launched by Epic Games to buy items from Fortnite without using your original currency. V bucks not coming for free you have to buy this form your credit or debit card.

One you get V Bucks than you can buy your item from Fortnite store. You can also get V bucks by playing a match and automatically added to your account. So, if you don’t have enough money to buy V bucks than you can use our methods to get them for free.

Legit ways to Get Free V bucks for Fortnite

1. Playing with the battle pass

The passes of Fortnite comes with the two different types of battle passes that cost a lot in order to purchase that is around 9.99 dollar with the limit which unlock the limited items.

Some times a bonus for the free unlockable items. Both the offer contain a large number of v bucks as a reward. eventually, these passes took time to open the items resulting in a huge amount of v bucks.

The battle passes have their own time period to expired and that will be around 10 weeks, after that you have to purchase a new one to get profit.
when you log in to the game make sure you always check for the daily challenges, daily rewards and other activities which gives you a chance to win free v bucks and also gives you the point to unlock those battle pass tiers.

The role of Battle pass is to provide the user with free items for free v bucks by completing the tires. There are so many battles passes in the game but not all of them provide you the reward some passes were empty some contain the minimal amount of the reward.

Here is the real thing with free battle passes that they get you less amount of rewards and telling the fact that if you purchase a new pass then chances are good that you will get the reward you need.

But as the game progresses, the difficulty level also increases so that if you buy some better passes to get v bucks or awards then ensure that you will have to play continue this came to win more free v bucks. If you play continuously chances are higher than you can get a large number of free v bucks.

2. Play “Save the World” mode.

In this game developer made this mod which is basically the original co-operative game mode launched before the royal juggernaut. In this mode, you can play an interesting event that you have to survive through zombies by facing another user as your enemy. So, it makes this game of bit more challenging and fun to play. So, build a shoot and play until you fall dead.

But Before you about to leave to play this mode save the world know that this is not a free mod you have to purchase it with one of the several packages starting worth 39.99 dollars on most of the official stores including PS4 Xbox one and PC.

You cannot play it without spending money first one more thing is that save The world mode is not available on Nintendo’s console. The official said that they do not intend to launch on the Nintendo switch. So, keep looking for it maybe one day this mode is free to play. So stay tuned for that.

know the fact that save The world reward is much greater than that of the Battle Royale for free battle passes. Save The world rewards saves you a lot of time to get more v bucks overtime.
so, when you get hands-on the copy of the original Fortnite mode you should do these activities to get more v bucks daily and some of these are…

Login Daily on the game.

If you do play the game Daily then all you have to do is play and login in on a daily basis. To earn a reward and points. these points can be exchanged in to get the free v bucks

Complete daily challenges.

If you play the game daily then playing epic mod will give you the task or challenges to complete which later gives you free v bucks as a reward.

Playing storm the shield.

These are are the mission in the game which are unlocked after completing various levels in the modes save the world campaign. After completion of the mission users may get rewarded by points that is free v bucks. the reward user may get different from user to user but it worth.

Completing quests

There are different challenges and quests on various levels of the games. all you have to do is play the game and win over to the given challenges to win the reward as free v bucks.

3. Get a good deal in item shop on Fortnite

This is quite a deal if you make right move purchasing items because when u daily log in to the game some items got a special discount to purchase and in return you will also get free v bucks which is a good deal.

For example, if you purchase the item directly e that is a specified 1 you have to pay more money to get the specific item but if you purchased item special discounts make cost less and gives you additional free v bucks.

4. Use of Inboxdollars

This is application can be used and trusted by many users all around The world because this application can give a chance to get free Paypal money, Amazon gift cards and a lot more useful stuff like coupon codes, discounts on various items, etc.

Users just have to sign in to the account of inbox dollars then the user must complete the given tasks on the web application. After completing different tasks, surveys and downloading applications for surfing through different web portals used can get a huge amount of points. Which later convert into the virtual money and through that users can get free v bucks for Fortnite.

 5.From Swagbucks

Today one of the best online money making methods is to use Swagbucks. As a web portal when you get logged into your Swagbucks account.

Then Swagbucks gives you the task and service to complete after the completion of these tasks and services using get rewarded with points and when you got a certain amount of points assembled in your Swagbucks account.

After that you can redeem these points into virtual money e for a user can get free v bucks instead of money through PayPal.

6. Beware of Scams

Fortnite is a very popular game and a menu of you always tried to find a way in which you can get free v bucks. So, the majority of users always search the internet on how to get free v bucks.

But keep this in mind that there are not many ways to earn free v bucks there are lots of videos, the content of web portals which stated that if you do this you do that can give you a lot of Freeview box.

But these all are scams try to be aware of these scams and don’t lose your money into this kind of scams because sometimes this portal can get your personal details by hacking into your personal files so in order to be safe keep away from the scam portals on the internet.

About V Bucks Generator

There are many gamers on the internet who are searching for free  V bucks for Fortnite but the problem is most of the search results are fake means they do not give you V bucks. They ask you to generate the V bucks code but in last you need to complete a survey or to download any app on your system.

All these kinds of things are spammy and they just completed their survey by you and earn money from there. But you will get nothing from there. Just stay away from this kind of website. To get free v bucks genuinely just use these methods which are given above.


This is all about the Fortnite Vbucks and methods to get V bucks without human verification. Just use these methods and you will get free V bucks very soon. You can get V bucks without giving your personal information and without any loss of money. If you want to help anyone who needs V bucks than you can also share this with your friends.

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