22 Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes

If you are an Android user then you must know about google play gift cards and what is their use. Here we are going to discuss how you can get free google play codes for your google play store. As you see that most of the apps in the google play store are free, but most of the free apps give you basic access to their features.

You need premium access to use all features of a particular app. That everyone is not able to pay for premium features of google play apps every month. So, how’s this if we will provide you google play gift card codes free? Here we are going to tell how you can get google play codes free. We discovered some ways like sites and apps which will provide you free google play money codes.

By using these ways rather than spending your hard-earned money on paid apps, you will be able to get free Google Play credits and codes. Before know about how to get google play codes, you should have a little bit of knowledge about google play gift cards.

What is Google Play Gift Card?

As of android user, you also know about google play gift card.If not then don’t worry we are here for you. Google play gift card is a digital or physical gift card with a specific amount embed inside it in the form of code contains character and numbers.

With the help of this card, you can get any paid app from the play store free of cost. But remember you can only unlock those apps which come under your google play gift card code amount.

The best thing about the gift card is that they will never expire. So, you can use them at any time. But Google is not allowed these google play codes for all the countries.

There are specific countries like Greece, Poland, Sweden, France, Finland, Turkey, UK, Hong Kong, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Indonesia, India, USA, Norway, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland,

You can also send them to your relatives, friends and family members on special occasions. Even at birthday by simply mailing to your loved one. Other games currencies are also bought by using google play credits like Roblox, steam, clash of clan, Fortnite, etc.

These free gift card credit or codes actually work for google play because these are officially given by google also. So, you can use these codes for buying anything from google play store.

Legit Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes

Here you will read about the different ways to get google play card codes by doing some easy things. So, just read the whole article to know more about it.


Swagbucks is a very popular online prize provider portal on the web. It is one of the best ways to get google play codes free of cost. When you signed up in Swagbucks you will get a $10 sign up bonus.


You just need to complete surveys, watching videos, playing games, or even surfing the Internet, and your favorite online shopping.

In return for that, you will get some points and from these points, you can get your google play gift card.

For example, if you have collected 1000 points it means you can get 10$ google play gift card. More points you have a larger amount of gift cards you can get.

There is no need for using a smartphone app to get points in Swagbucks. Just go to swagbucks.com and start earning points to get free google play gift card codes. 

2.Google Play Reward:

Google Play Reward is another great GPT(Get Paid To) site because it also provides you a chance to earn points. You can get points on Google PlayReward by offer walls, survey routers, daily bonuses, video ads, etc.

By earning points you can get free google play gift card for your google play store. There are several amounts on specific points like for 1000 points get $10 gift card, for 2000 points get $20 gift card etc.

But google play reward takes time to get points so it is better to earn 1000 points and get your $10 google play gift card. 


PayPrizes is a very trusted site and here you will get your google play gift card code by completing very small and short tasks.

Tasks can be anything like download app on your smartphone, spent time on any particular app, refer an app to your friend, etc.

Also, you have to spend time to watch adds on your phone as a task. In return for all these things, you will earn points on the basis of tasks.

You will earn points here on the basis of a task means if the task takes much time to complete then more points will you get in your account.

Basically, app time spending tasks will give you more points than others. So try to complete this type of tasks to earn points.

When you reach 1000 to 2000 points just buy a google play gift card for your google play store.

4.Purchase Google Products:

You will also get google play codes if you will buy any google items like google pixel mobile phone and google home.

With these items, Google will also give you a google play gift card of approximately $40-$100.

Nowadays Samsung is also providing google play gift card codes if you purchase a smartphone or any other device of Samsung.

Just go to this link to know more about it: https://www.samsung.com/us/galaxy-owners/.

You will get a $25 gift card from Samsung and next time if you want to buy another item from Samsung you will get it free of cost just by applying your google play code.

5.Chromecast Device:

Google Chromecast also provides a gift card when you will register yourself here and buy any service.

In return that google will already announce that you will get a google play gift card when you will purchase a product and service from it like from Chromecast.

You can also check offer details in Google Home just go there and see the currently running offers.

But in Chromecast, you will not get any specific amount of gift card it may vary. you may win $20 or even $5, it totally depends on the amount of the item or service you purchase.


FeaturePoints is also a very good way to get free google play gift card codes for your google play account.

These are android apps which will give you a chance to earn points for getting google play codes by downloading apps and use them for several days.


Also providing some games, referral programs, etc. and they will continuously change like they can be games, books, music or the latest messenger app.

In the referral program, you will get a 50 percent commission from users who are joined under you automatically. By collecting enough points you can change them into google play codes and can easily buy a $10 gift card for google play store.


InstaGC is also a great platform for getting google play gift card codes free of cost. You just need to complete different surveys, watch videos online, shop from their sponsored partners, or search the web on a daily basis.

Sometimes you can get more bonus point offers like trying a product, visiting sites from featured partners and listening to music from InstaGC.

Here you will also get 10 bonus points just for signing up. Get $1 for100 points for your google plat gift credit or card.

The referral program is also offered by InstaGC in this you will receive an additional 110 points that make push you close of the points required to get a $10 Google Play gift card every time when you refer it to your friend.

You will need 1,000 to 3,000 points to earn a gift card of the amount between $10-$30.


This platform is also very trustworthy, you can earn very good points for getting google play gift cards for your google play store.

You can earn points by completing small surveys like installing games, watching videos from youtube, referring apps to your friends and its referral program is also giving commission from the people which are joined under you.

FreeMyApps is providing gift cards for a very long time and this app will also give you points when you will download or install new apps and games from here.

9.Gift Card Granny:


Gift Card Granny is a gift card selling and buying site. When you will buy or sell gift cards on Gift Card Granny, every time you will earn rewards points. You also earn points reading Gift Card Granny emails on a daily basis.

There is a unique feature in this site that they will compare gift cards from a different site and by seeing prices you can select your best price gift card.

By earning free reward points you can get your desired gift card that is google play gift card.

10.Join Costco:

Costco is a famous website for selling gift cards at a discount. you can get gift cards at a low price for example if you want to buy a $50 gift card then you will get it here at $40.It also offers a membership program for its users, the annual price of membership is $60.

As compared to other stores which provide you a gift card at the same price as the face value gift card but in Costco, you will get a discount and sometimes at sales time you will huge discount.

This website provides gift cards of different companies, google play is one of them. Here you will get your google play gift card at less price as compared to the market price.


 Bananatic is an online game portal where you can win prizes by playing games. It gives you the opportunity to win csgo skins, cd keys for games, Paysafecard, steam wallet gift card, amazon gift card and google play gift card also.

This site pays you rewards points for doing different activities like game Quests, Test Mobile Apps, Watch Sponsor Ads, Shop Online, Social Media Shares, Write Articles or Record Videos.

Here also a referral program service, by using this you will more bananas. For the next 300 days, you will receive 10% on all the bananas collected from each active referral. You can redeem your points into google play codes easily from here. 

12.Prize Rebel:

 Prize Rebel is a trustful site which provides you an offer to get google play gift card at free of cost. For this, you only have to complete surveys and in return for that, you will get points from the prize rebel.

Also, other gift cards are present like Amazon,iTunes, Walmart, Paypal, etc. You can earn points by watching videos and a funny way to earn money.

You will get bonus points also by signing in and per referral. When you get points that will suffice for buying a gift card than you will get your google play gift card easily.

13. BoomGift:

BoomGift is also providing points you to earn google play codes at free of cost. Basically BoomGift is an app testing platform where you can test different apps and gives your opinion about apps.

It also provides you the facility of referral program you will get a 30% commission from a person which is signed up under you.

So, you can suggest it to your friend which is interested to get paid by testing games and you will easily get your google play gift card.

14.WHAFF Rewards:

WHAFF Rewards is an android app and this app also gives you points by doing some tasks.

You can complete small tasks like install and download any app and use it for 2-3 days. Also, you can run a game on your device and gives ratings to that game.

You can also get a payout from here by Google Play credits, Facebook cash, PlayStation Store credit, Online Gift Cards. Also in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum etc.

This app gives you points only for installing apps on your devices and test them for several periods of time.

15.Gift Box:

Gift Box is also an android app and having a rating of 4.7 in Play store. This is a very popular method of getting google play gift card codes free of cost.

You can earn points or rewards by downloading featured apps, playing games, watching videos, inviting friends to register, and logging into the app each day.

There is also a spin wheel option by which you can get the reward of 10-50 points as a gift.


JunoWallet is again a great android app to get google play gift card. You can earn here by using its referral method in this method you can earn points by referring JunoWallet to your friends and family. Many apps mentioned here have refer-a-friend reward bonuses.

If more people join under you and also referrer to their friends than you will make more points automatically because this app work on a layer basis i.e more people will act under you, will make more points.

You can also earn points by downloading featured apps and games, completing surveys, or watching videos the same as other apps and websites offer you on a daily basis.

You can also make money by making calls and grab rewards. If want to win a mystery rewards offer then you have to open mystery reward within 10 seconds otherwise it will disappear.

If you want then you can also use the points to enter raffles on JunoRewards. One more thing is that you can redeem your points into google play credit and can trade them also if you want.

17.Tap Cash Rewards:

Tap Cash Rewards is an online portal that allows you to earn points from here every time you will download free apps, play games, watch videos and many more.

You can earn VIP status by linking your Facebook account to Tap Cash Rewards to get extra points and also receive bonus credit each day you log in. 

You will get a referral bonus of 100 points for each friend. They must sign up through your account to earn extra points. Its referral program works the same as other apps mentioned on this page.

But Top Cash Rewards gives you 1$ for 1000 points as compared to other apps. So in this way you need 10000 points to get $10 google play gift card.

18.Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is a very good way to earn google play codes. This app is available for both android and ios users, just download it from google play and by the app store.

For earning codes you just have to sign in the google opinion rewards and complete all the surveys which are given by the google survey team to you. In surveys, sometimes Google will ask your opinion about the favorite logo designs from two different design sets, or your opinion about a particular politician, and your favorite brand of soft drinks.

But there are surveys available on a weekly basis means you may get only one survey in one week or maybe get several surveys per week to complete. It totally depends on the google survey team. 

Once you will get enough amount then you will buy a google play gift card from here and you can also try other methods of earning like download apps for testing, refer apps to your friend, watching videos and adds, etc.

This app offers you up to $1 rewards for completing every survey and the amount will be added in your account instantly.


AppNana is a great app that will give you points for downloading apps and games on a daily basis. And it will give you 400 points every time when you log in on a daily basis.

You can earn nanas for even playing your favorite games like Candy Crush or even something as simple as downloading the Facebook app from AppNana.

You can also buy items from the AppNana store also by using your earned points and other companies gift cards can also get by using these points like Amazon gift card, Steam gift card, and many more.

Just earn points on a daily basis and you will get enough amount to get google play code or google play credits at free of cost.


Cubicer is also a great app that will provide you a way to earn free Google Play Gift Cards by using apps and games. You will earn points by installing games, apps, and many other things.

You can get extra points by referring it to your friends by using different social media sites. Cubicer also gives you a service to redeem the point in the form of PayPal balance in your PayPal account.

If we talk about google play codes then you will get them by redeeming points into google play gift card codes.


S’more is a very unique platform because it will give you points on the basis of placing adds on your unlock screen. Every time when you will unlock your screen you will earn points of seeing adds.

So, just use this and get your google play codes when you collect enough points.


This is an android body workout app by using this you can set your daily routine and also works with your workout devices.

Achievement app is basically made for those types of people who are already living a healthy lifestyle or those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle in the future.

App members can start earning points whenever they check their heart rate, take steps, or by completing any other fitness-related activities. Also, get points for tweet fitness related posts.

Achievement pays you by a PayPal and direct deposit. You can also get google play gift cards by using these points.

Free Google Play Codes List:

Here you get a brief list of google play codes collected these codes from different social, media, forums, and from big blogs. You can use them to get google play credits at free of cost.

Google Play CodePriceStatus

How to Redeem Codes for Google Play Store?

This is very important to know how to redeem google play gift card? It is also a small process but not that much easy to redeem codes of google play.

When it comes to redeeming the gift card at the play store then you have to follow some steps which will make your process easy.

  • First of all, go to  https://play.google.com/store form your android or pc whatever you have.
  • After that select the app or game you want to purchase.
  • In the next step, tap the menu and select redeem in mobile and in pc go to the redeem page.
  • At last, enter your generated code and enjoy it.

Follow these all steps otherwise, you will not get apps from play store at free.


So, these all are the ways to get google play gift card for free. If you know other free methods of getting google play gift card then you can share. You can also share these methods with your friends and family. These methods work on both mobile and PC. This is all about google play codes and must apply these methods to get credits.

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