15 Genuine Ways to Get Free PSN Codes in 2020

People who love to play games know very well about PSN or PlayStation . PlayStation is a very popular gaming console for playing high end games without any trouble.

Due to the best features and the graphics of the play station gaming consoles are very advance when compared with other similar gaming consoles.If you are using playstion for playing games and want gift card codes then don’t worry we are going to explain how to get free codes for PS4?

PSN codes are used for purchasing games on Sony PlayStation without spending money. If you want to get PSN games at free of cost then you need a PSN gift card code.

As you all know very well that PSN gift cards are not free, you have to spend some money on it. But don’t worry we will share some methods to get a PSN gift card for free.

What are PSN Codes?

Psn Codes are the digital codes that are embedded inside a digital or physical gift card in the form of numbers and characters. Basically Sony uses a unique 12-digit code to distribute prepaid access to everything via their gift cards.

PSN gift card codes are used for getting things free of cost form the Playstation store. After getting these codes you can redeem it on PlayStation. These are extremely helpful in scenarios where you are afraid of using your credit card.

How to Get Gift Card Codes for Playstation?

We know very well that most of us trying to get PSN codes and continuously searching on google terms like how to get PSN code cards?PSN codes without a survey?

The solution to your problem is here because here we are going to explain the right strategy or ways to get codes of PSN.

Here you will get only legit ways by which you can get PlayStation codes without spending a buck from the wallet. After using these methods you can buy anything PlayStation.

15 Legit Ways to Codes for PS4:

We created a list of websites and apps which are still able to give you PSN gift card codes for free. So, if you are getting rid of using fake PSN code generators than these methods are only for you. Just try these once.


Swagbucks is a very big website and helps you to get free gift cards from different brands like amazon, steam, etc. You can get a PSN gift card also from here for this you have to do some tasks.

Basically this website gives you points and from earned points, you will able to buy a gift card. If you sign up for the first time then you will get a very good amount of sign-up bonus.

So, on Swagbucks, you can earn points by completing small surveys and tasks like referring to a friend, small quiz, watch videos, etc. in return of these tasks you will earn points and 1000 points mean you have $10 and able to buy a $10 PSN gift card code.

You can even redeem the points to get cashback from PayPal. You can also get free gift cards on the exclusive offers and deals from well-known brands by participating in their offers and surveys.

You can redeem your points here also and get your first PSN free code for your PlayStation.Just use this once and you will get results very soon.

2.From Tumbler:

Tumbler is also a very good place for getting PSN codes. You can get PSN codes free from Tumbler by using small tricks. Just go to Google and search “tumbler PSN codes giveaway”, ” tumbler PSN Gift Card Giveaway” and some other queries related to it.

You will see many people already submitted some gift card codes and some of them still giving away to their followers.

3.Rewards Point Websites:

There are many reward points websites present on the internet. These sites give you the opportunity to earn points by doing different things. Once you earn enough points then you can claim for PSN codes.

But remember in these kinds of websites offer are country-based and check the availability of particular offers that it is available for your country or not.

Most of the offers are basically for the USA because gift cards are mostly used by tier1 countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Northern Europe or Australia, USA. So, make the USA based PlayStation account or you can also use proxies for getting good qualities of surveys.

If you are from any other country than try to looking for referral program survey websites. You can earn very good amount form these kinds of websites.

4.Trading Codes: 

You can also get PSN codes by trading means there are many sellers on Amazon,eBay, and Flipkart which will sell gift cards at less amount than the actual price.

Are you thinking that why they will sell at less price, there are many possibilities like they have gift card but they don’t have PlayStation?In this case, this gift card is a total waste of money.

It can be possible that they want to own an Xbox but having the gift card of PSN. Then they can also exchange it with you.

There is also another possibility that they received that gift card on their birthday as a  present but don’t want to use in this case they will think to sell this online.

You can also use Reddit like forums to get PSN codes in the form of giveaways. Try these methods and you will definitely get results.


PayPrizes is a very famous website for getting free gift cards like steam, google play, steam, etc. This is a GPT website and a legit way to earn PSN codes for free.

So, you can get PSN codes from here for sure. For this just go to the site and create an account. After signing up you will get 10 points as a sign-up offer by verifying your mail.

There are many options to earn points like Earn Points, Reward & Bonus, Refer & EarnGiveaway, Claim Prizes, Apply Coupon. Just select one of them and complete particular tasks like quiz, referrer to a friend, watch videos, etc.

After that, you will get a very good amount of points and you can redeem them easily. This website offers gift cards like $10, $25, and $50 only.

6. From Reddit:

Reddit is also another very good and genuine source of getting a PSN gift card for free. You can track the succeeded people through their social media platform and the subreddit giveaways.

Just search this on google”https://www.reddit.com/r/giveaways” and after keep looking for the PSN codes. You can also lookup for gift cards like Amazon gift cards or Visa gift cards that you can use it later for PSN code purchase.

But note that you have to look up for the new posts don’t check older posts like one or two years older.

7.From GrabPoints:

Grab points is also a very good website for PSN card codes. You just need to create an account and after that go to the earn point section.

For earning points, you have to complete some offers like quizzes, puzzles, etc. Also, you can earn points by claim prizes, by referring, watching videos and many more.

After earning a certain amount of points you can easily redeem them into the PSN gift card. You will also get a signup bonus for the first time.

When you earn 1000 points you are able to redeem your points in Grab Points for buying a gift card.


TimeBucks is another great legit website for getting a free gift card bonus every day. You just need to sign up for TimeBucks. It will take a few seconds to complete the signup process.

This website is also working the same as other websites like pointprizes etc. You have to earn points and after that, you can redeem them in Timebuck easily.

You will earn points by referral program level you are in. This website offers a multi-level referral program.  Also, you can get money every week through PayPal or Bitcoins.

You can also watch videos, complete surveys, and many other tasks to earn a very good amount of points. The friendly support staff is also available for your help at 24/7 hours.

9.From Playstation:

Are you getting shocked, Is it possible to get items for free from PlayStation?Yes, this is possible. You have to create an account and register yourself on PSN plus trial. After that, you get instant access to their free services offered for 14 days.

That’s how you can get free services from PlayStation for two weeks. After the ending of the free trial create a new PlayStation account and repeat the process again and again.

10. Appstation:

APPstation is a very trusted and genuine and genuine app and received approx more than a million installs within a very short period of time.

The size of the app is just 14MB which will take very small space of your smartphone. Appstation will truly help you in earning real money just by playing fun games for some time.

You have to play several different games on this app and earn coins. After a definite amount of points, you can redeem them to get PSN  gift card codes

11. Feature points:

Feature Points is a very popular app on play store with millions of downloads. This app gives you some points in return for completing tasks.

You can earn points on this app by completing surveys, by referring, download apps, watching videos, etc. The points vary from task to task and also depend on the completing time of any survey0.

After getting some points you can redeem these points for rewards which include money and PSN gift card.

12. CashNgifts:

CashNgifts is also one of the best and trusted app to get free PSN gift card codes. By using this app you can recharge your mobile or pay your bills directly from CashNgifts completely in a digital way.

Here you can earn points by completing surveys, quizzes, watching videos and by referring to a friend.From these points, you can also get PSN codes by redeeming earned points.

13. AppNana:

APPNana is a genuine app and having a rating of 4.4 out of 5 which is amazing. Basically this app giving points when we test the app present inside it.

It gives points when installing different apps and games on our smartphone and gives a review of a particular app. You can redeem earned points in PSn codes for free.

14. Make money App:

Make money app is also a great app for getting gift cards of different brands. With the help of this app,you can get a genuine PSN gift card for free.

For this, you only have to watch videos, complete small surveys, and play games to earn more points on the app.

These earned points can be easily converted into the gift cards of different brands. Just use this app regularly and you will see results very soon.

15. Make money( Free Cash App):

Make money is also another app that is used to get PSN codes and developed by Free international calls app ltd. This app gives you points on the basis of completing tasks like small surveys, watching videos, playing games, refer to a friend and many more.

You can redeem points into gift cards directly from here within very little time.

Updated PSN Codes List:

These are the codes which are working . Just use them as fast as possible before any other gamer.

  • JELU-4M5L-5JU5
  • N73F-5GX8-4WLH
  • 5JJT-5W9S-PYJ8
  • E6NQ-5C4Q-Z6US
  • 9BUD-67YT-ZS5D
  • KQBQ-SM55-B3WG
  • QQ4W-RR7B-3SRX
  • G33F-K33F-V8ZF
  • V8AT-5YY8-JMXS
  • RFDC-S3B3-D9N4
  • G85X-A48K-MF49
  • 672M-2LRJ-46L5
  • 3N2S-GH5U-V7LS
  • JFBY-6J4R-A6NR
  • 9Q4C-TDNK-VG8S
  • BJEA-M5T4-K2QJ

Easy Method to Redeem PSN Codes for PS4?

Redeeming PSN code is not a hard process with the help of codemperor, you can get your credits within 2-3 minutes. You can follow these steps to use PSN codes on PlayStation for buying any game.

  • 1. In the first step go to “Settings” and navigation to “PlayStation Network”.
  • 2. After that go to the “Account Information” then go to Wallet.
  • 3. Now, select “Add Funds” options using the controller and press the “x” button.
  • 4. Then click on Redeem code options and neglect all others.
  • 5. Now enter the PSN code which you have and select the “continue” button.
  • 6. After some time your credits will be added in your account automatically.
  • That’s all about the redeeming process of PlayStation Codes.

Is PSN Code Generator Works?

In Google, if you searching about free PSN code generator then you are going on the wrong path because if you will surf this kind of website they will say you to complete an offer or giving you a half code.

Basically not any generator site will give you genuine PSN codes. They just trying to waste your time and keep sending you from one website to another by saying you will get code after this and this. So stay away from these sites.

Can you buy a PSN Gift Card Online?

Are you thinking about buying a PSN Gift Card online but don’t know which will give you the legit gift card? Well, you can buy a gift card online there are many trusted sites which will give you PSN gift card codes at free of cost or paid.

Big sites like Amazon, Flipkart,eBay are the trusted source of buying gift cards and you can also buy from the Sony PlayStation store.

Final Words:

So, this is all about how to get free psn card codes for PS4 We hope that you will never get any problem after reading this article about a PSN gift card. You can also share this article with your friends and family members who are facing any problem related to the PlayStation codes.

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