Genuine Ways to Get Free Robux Codes in 2020

Are you looking for free Robux without a temporary survey and not human verification then you are in the right place. Users who are playing games on Robux generally searching things like, Robux codes for free, how to get free Robux, free Robux generator, free Robux no survey, etc. The only purpose of searching these queries is to get virtual currency “Robux” for free to buy and sell items.

Everyone knows that Roblox is a kid’s gaming platform and popular worldwide. Here you can create your own avatars for playing games. There are top 150 games present on Roblox which are recently available in French and German languages.

The value of Roblox more than $2.5 Billion and still growing. Currently, Roblox is working with digital safety leaders in France and Germany as a partner of its Digital Civility Initiative. According to a survey, there is 40 percent of players on Roblox are female which is very amazing.

The community of Roblox is global means approximately 200 countries users are connecting with each other by this platform digitally. There are almost 90 million monthly active users present in the Roblox.

In Roblox players can create, buy and sell virtual items like games, etc. There are specific rules for buying and selling in it, for example, clothes can be bought by anyone but only the users with premium membership having the license of selling.

Other things like body parts, gear, packages, etc. only sell by the administration of Roblox. If we talk about the currency of Roblox is “Robux”, which is exchange during buying and selling of items. You can get it only by purchasing with real money.

But it is not easy for everyone to buy Robux for their account and then they are trying to get free Robux on Roblox by searching on the web. Here we are going to discuss the Roblox, Robux, and methods to get it for free.

What is Robux?

As we already know that Robux is the digital currency of Roblox which is used to buy items on the Roblox official website. In Roblox you can create and sell your items online, can earn good money form this platform.

But the problem is you have to invest some money here to create something in Roblox means you have to buy a premium membership. You can buy using real money or can buy Robux currency to buy or sell anything in Roblox.

Here we are going to talk about how you can get free Robux without a survey and which gives you the ability to buy anything on the Roblox.

Legit Ways to get Roblox Robux Codes

Here we are going to introduce some methods to get free Roblox rubus which is totally free of cost enabling the users to get any game without any obstructions.

1. Premium Roblox Membership

So the deal with Robux Premium is that it just has different tiers. Instead of purchasing the turbo, classic and outrageous builders club membership, these premium tires are just named by the amount of Robux that the user is about to receive per month. Which can be redeemed in a second.

free Robux codes

There is the thing with the deal that the first premium is about 450 tier which is quite good and the user can get 450 Robux per month and after getting one tier the other two-tier can be redeemed if the user wants to get them.

So, 1000 premium tier gives you about 1000 per month and the remaining last tier that is premium 2200 tier can give you 2200 Robux per month.

Now the situation differs and you have to deal with another change in how you’re gonna receive Robux premium which is monthly that is quite opposite to the receiving Robux daily.

Some users may think that this idea is weird but suppose if some items come out to purchase and they are about to remove it after a certain time period but users might not have the Robux to buy it on the spot because the Roblox user has come out monthly.

So, that can be frustrating because you can buy that item out but you can’t because of monthly receiving Robux. But there is one good side to this situation that you receive more Robux per month rather than receiving it daily. After the month you can get items costing more Robux.

Classic builder’s club gives users just 15 Robux daily which adds up to a total of 450 Robux per month, which is quite an impressive number to spend on. Now talking about the Turbo Builders Club it gives you about 35 Robux daily, which later adds up to a total of 1000 Robux per month.

Outrageous builder’s club gives users a total of 1800 Robux per month and certainly with the premium you got about 2200 Robux per month. Which is quite more than what users got with OBC that is 400 times Robux than that the original.


Swagbucks is an online web portal for earning free money or which offer free Robux to everybody by doing some sort of tasks online. To start earning with the Swagbucks user must have to do the tasks given in the web portal user have to complete the web portal tasks by surfing the internet, by doing clicks on certain ads, download the given apps and sign in to it.


These kinds of activities you do daily in the Swagbucks lead you to earn the points and these points can be credited into your PayPal account as virtual money. Which users can use to buy Roblox codes for Robux.

3. Pay Prizes

Pay prices is another web portal which allows its user to make online money by doing daily tasks like login to a certain web page, watching videos, clicking ads, downloading games and apps or by referring it to friends and family members.

Pay prices also give users the opportunity to get direct free Roblox gift cards as well as virtual Paypal money. There are many users who have used it and got their reward as free Roblox gift cards. To get money in Paypal users have to use it daily to earn points for that users have to use paper prices daily.

If a user wants to get more rewards then sometimes pay prizes also allows you to get their special coupon code to get around 50 points which will be credited into your account and when your account reaches a certain level of points then you can easily draw these points into your PayPal account as virtual money.

4. Using the builder’s club as Trading Collectibles

This is a bit different scenario that if a user has the purchased premium membership on Roblox and uses it to get free Robux is not justified. But users can use it for different purposes as well because premium membership of the Roblox can be used as a trading cycle. So that users can trade objects in exchange for free Robux.

Here is the thing that the premium members of the Roblox are allowed to trade that they can purchase or sell collectibles in the Roblox market.

By doing the trade user can get the desired amount of extra free Robux all that it takes is that the user has to get a creativity level to create collectibles on the user’s own and after that by trading the user can get extra free Robux.

Users create collectibles by their creativity so users can demand any high value for collectibles on demand. Users can make limited-edition collectibles to get a higher amount of free Robux. A user back in 2019 uses his creativity to create a sword worth 17000 Robux.

Getting this much of Robux is really awesome to have. So other users must have to start collecting objects in the game and then sell them all in the Roblox marketplace to get more and more Robux.

5.By selling out crafts and creation

Users having premium accounts in Roblox can trade crafts and creativity and for that users have the creativity of creating or finding hidden collectibles in games that later give them free Robux. But users can also sell different types of Collectibles such as pants, shirts, dresses, costumes, hats and so much more.

If a user has excellent design skills to show in Roblox studios then the user can create new designs for buildings, parks, and rooms to get huge Robux amounts. People hire different types of new creators who can create new things aah a few times for them.

There is a web portal, Group Recruiting Plaza where user can make an account for themselves and start trading and retailing the collectibles at a huge price but this is a place for group recruitment where people give different tasks to the working ones to complete it in few seconds and get some Robux.

6. Getting Robux from Google play codes.

I know very well that most of the users know about the Google play gift card codes. But if there are any gaming users who do not know about these Google play gift codes now you all know that Google play store is the official store owned by Google which holds all kinds of apps games purchased movies and a lot of other stuff inside it.

On the internet, there are thousands of website portals that offer you free Google play codes which were later redeemed for getting free Robux as well. All you need to do is download game movies video applications on play store and earn some free points after that use these free points to earn free Robux.

You can download the Roblox app from the Google play store and then you can log in to the account and get 50 Robux free and if you get some kind of gift card or scratch card use it to get more free Robux.

7.Using iTunes credit.

Now, this is not for everyone because only people who have access to iPhones can use it. iTunes can be used for getting free Robux through gift cards or scratch cards.

You can earn rewards by completing some simple tasks in your iTunes such as taking surveys, completing tasks downloading or watching videos playing simple music, etc.

You can also be redirected from one web portal to another portal and ask to download some apps or games which later give you the points/rewards which can be used to earn free Robux.

This point and reward is basically a gift from iTunes and you can redeem it in your app store and change it into free Robux. But for that, you have to download the Roblox application into your iOS device.

About Free Robux Generator no Survey

Many gamers generally searching for free Robux no survey on the web and try to get Robux for free. But there are many sites available on the internet which claim to give you Robux for free and we surf their website and try to get Robux. There are very few sites offer working codes to the players with no fraudulent activities which is hard to find.

Most of the websites are fake and they are trying to complete the surveys by using you. They tell you to generate code and after that, you need to complete a survey to get that code. But in the end, you will get nothing, So be aware of these kinds of scams.

It may lead to you at risk and kindly don’t put any kind of personal info there like a credit card, email, address, etc. to get the free Robux.

What is Roblox Promo Codes?

Roblox promo codes are nothing but only a discount given code which is given the Roblox. You can find these codes in social media and in many community sites like Reddit, tumbler, etc. You can earn a lot of rewards with the free Roblox promo codes for Strucid which you can find them on the internet easily.

There are many users who are giving the giveaways of this kind of promotional codes. Go there and grab them to get your clothes, accessories, etc. in Roblox.

Roblox Promo Codes in 2020

Roblox sometimes provides to its staff members free Roblox promo code so that these staff members and admin can get access to the free item and some of these codes were showcased publicly as a gift for Roblox fans to get some free items they want.

This usually is a very smart move by Roblox to attract more users towards it.

So, there we have a list of those working Roblox promo codes 2020.

  •  Mike’s Bike- RETROCRUISER
  • Dustin’s Camp Nowhere Cap- HAPPYCAMPER
  •  Flayed Rats -FEEDING TIME
  • Spider Cola- SPIDER COLA
  •  Hovering Heart -ROBLOX G500K
  • Liverpool FC Scarf -LIVERPOOL SCARVES UP
  • Super Social Shades- ROBLOX STRONG
  •  The Bird Says__. TWEETROBLOX
  • Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat -$I LOVE THE BLOXYS$
  • Coffin BatPack -GAMESTOPBATPACK2020
  • Firestripe Fedora -HAPPY 2020 ROBLOX
  •  Neapolitan -Crown
  • Glorious Pharaoh of the Sun -GAMESTOPPRO2020
  • Aquascape- KING OF THE SEAS

Also many other coupon codes available on social platforms. Just go, search and grab them. All these codes can be used to purchase free items on Roblox or on a huge discount.

How to Use Roblox Promo Codes?

It is a very easy task to redeem Robux code, for this, you just need to follow our instructions which are given below:

  1. Just search for Robux in your browser and then go to the promo codes page.
  2. After that copy your code and paste it on the redeem coupon code section.
  3. After a few seconds, you will see your coupon code redeemed successfully.

Now your code gets redeemed and the promotional code is ready to offer you a discount on your purchasing items.

So this is all about the ways to get free Robux on Roblox. All these methods are personally tested and many users are still earning from the ways which are given above.

Just try all these methods and you will get Robux for free very soon. You can share this article with your friends or with a person who needs Rboux without a survey.

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