23 Tested Ways to Get Free Steam Codes

To get steam wallet codes for free, you have to gain some information about the steam platform. Steam is a popular gaming platform and every year thousands of games released on the Steam . Nowadays you will see huge competition between steam and other gaming companies.

But it is not very easy to beat steam because of its long journey and trusted users. According to the year 2019, there are approximately 95 million monthly active users in the Steam online store. There are 8,290 games launched on Steam in 2019, and 8234 in 2018, this data is shown by SteamSpy. You can also check it.

But the cost of all the products which are released on steam is high and everyone cannot afford these games. You can get products at a low price in festivals like new year, Christmas, etc. because of these days a huge discount available on the Steam platform, up to 85% discount you will see.

As you all know that everyone doesn’t like to wait for such a long time. So there is also another method to get stem games at free that is steam gift card codes. By using these gift cards you will get any game free of cost. But the problem is these gift cards are not for free, you also have to pay some money to get them.

So, what to do now, well we have something great for you, are going to show you some methods by using them you will get steam codes for free. Here we are going to discuss some trusted websites and applications to get free steam wallet codes and save your money from buying games.

But first, you should have to know about some things related to steam. Kindly read this to know more about steam.

What is Steam gift card?

Well, the Steam gift card is digital money that is embedded inside a card which is both physical and virtual in the form numbers and characters. These codes are given by the steam itself and available on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Steam gift card codes having different values like $5,$10, $20,$50,$100 and of any amount which you want. Steam can give you a gift card of your choice or amount required to buy anything from steam.

We can call steam a steam gift card generator because steam officially released its gift card service by which users can buy any product form steam without putting their credential information. But you can also use your personal info because steam is a secure platform. So, you can use a Steam gift card to buy anything from Steam in 2020.

How Steam Wallet Gift Card Codes Works ?

To understand the working of steam codes, you must have to know about the steam wallet. Steam wallet is basically an exclusive feature launched by steam only for steam users by which you can buy anything in steam and you can also and funds in it.

Steam also provides the facility of earning money, you can sell your digital product on Steam market by which you can earn a handsome amount of money. Steam also provides a withdrawal facility through Paypal.

If you are planning to buy something from steam by your wallet than the question is how to add funds in your wallet. Here is the thing steam gift card comes, you can add money by using a gift card. For this you have to buy Steam gift card, you can buy it from a physical store or by online stores that are selling steam gift card codes.

Just buy them and scratch, you will get your steam wallet code easily. If you buy it online then an email will be sent to your email account, just go there and check your steam digital gift card code.

Legit Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

There are some trusted websites and applications which will offer you a chance to earn points and in return, you will get free steam wallet gift card code.


Rakuten is an amazing platform where you will get any kind of accessories at a discount. This website also tells you the price of products on other sites, by which you can easily compare them and buy smartly.

There is an affiliate program by which you can get some commission on purchasing every product. When you will create an account in it you will get a $10 Walmart gift card which you can use to get a steam gift card easily.

Also, you can earn a gift card by referring this to your friend and every time when your friend purchases something from here you will get some commission.


This is an amazing site where you will get $5 as a signup bonus and that website already paid to 59 million users, which are continuously using it. There are many ways of earning money from this like Take Surveys. Play Games. Watch TV, Clip Coupons. And More as officially mentioned in their site.

Just complete some surveys, play some games, watch videos, etc. and in the end, you will get a handsome amount of money in your account. You can use this money to buy a steam gift card or any other gift card which you want to buy.

When you refer it to your friend you will earn 30% of his earning every time and I think this is an amazing deal.


PrizeRebel is a very trusted platform and you will earn points here by different methods and able to convert them into money. When you registered here you will get 10 points as a signup bonus and you can earn more points by doing surveys, by watch videos.

Here you will get survey companies like cpabuild etc. which will give some points in return for completing their surveys. You can earn points through the referral program also and when you collect enough points you can redeem them in cash or gift card whatever you want.


Swagbucks is also trusted and the same as above. On this website, you will get a free sign up bonus of 10 points and giving you referral commission for a lifetime. You can earn points here by doing surveys of different CPA websites which will provide you some points, return of completing surveys.

In Swagbucks, you can redeem your points easily to any of the gift cards like steam, PSN, Xbox, etc. and when you get 1000 points you are able to get a gift card for yourself.

For earning more and more points just focus on daily surveys like quiz, playing an online game, videos and referrals because you will get 10 percent commission for a lifetime. This is a very big deal for you to get free steam wallet codes.


iBotta is a great shopping app because it will give you cash back on every purchased item from it. This is a trusted app and website and gets cashback from online stores like Walmart, Dominos,Bestbuy,Booking.com, etc.

It will offer you a sign-up bonus of $20 and you can join its affiliate program from where you can earn more money when anyone purchased item through your referral link. Also, include and nearby offer alert by which you can get more discount on the items.


MyPoints provides you the opportunity to get free steam wallet codes by completing small surveys of different big brands. But first, you have to register as a genuine user and complete offers wisely.

The interesting part is that you can complete offers according to your interest, if you like gaming then you can complete offers for different gaming platforms like Steam, Xbox, etc. Just use this once and get benefit from it and also share this.


Honey is also a great platform for getting items for free or in very less amount. Basically it is a coupon chrome extension that helps you to get coupons for different websites like GoDaddy, Xbox, steam, Flipkart and many more.

This extension will provide you the gift card coupons related to steam and you just need to grab them. For its installation, ou just need to install this in chrome browser and then a website for which you want a coupon code, t will provide you best offers for your deal.


GrapPoints is a very trusted platform like others which will give you a signing bonus and many more. Let’s discuss it briefly Grab points gives you 10 points and provides a lifetime commission through a referral program.

Here you can earn points by doing surveys of different companies and get points according to the country and time taken by surveys. Type of surveys that you need to complete to get more points are quiz, videos, Minecraft surveys, etc.


ebonus is also a way to get steam wallet codes for this you need to register here and start earning points. As officially mentioned on the website, Get the most popular games for Free like Steam Games CD-Keys, Riot Points, Gift Cards, and much more!

For earning points, you need to complete some tasks like offer walls, here you will get different surveys fo different brands and got points on completion of every survey.

Also, you can earn points by watching videos, by streaming and if you have the money you can also buy points form here at very less price. After getting enough points you can redeem them to get your gift card by doing some efforts.


ShopAtHome is an online cashback shopping platform from where you can get cashback on every purchase and also get some discounts on the purchasing product.

This website added your cashback amount in your account automatically and when you collected a definite amount of money in your account then you can claim your cash back by check, PayPal or from over 80 gift card options, often at discount rates.

I think this is amazing and you can get your desired gift card from here easily. Join shopathome today and you will get a $10 sign up bonus only for you.


InstaGC is also a very good website for earning points and easily redeem them to get any gift card you want. For this, you first need to get registered and you will get a sign-up bonus and have to complete some tasks like completing surveys, watch videos, search things on the web and shopping online.

By doing all these things you will earn enough points to get and gift card of $10 for steam. Just use this and grab your points as soon as possible.

12.Gift Card Granny:

Gift Card Granny is a very good platform for getting gift cards at a very low price and you can even exchange your gift cards. Exchange means if you have already a gift card but of no use then you can exchange it here and can get a gift card which you want to buy.

You will get here all type of gift cards which you want to buy and also a legit website to sell and buy gift cards of different brands.

13.Extra Bux:


Extra Bux is a coupon website and here you will get coupons related to different brands. An extension of this website also available on Google by which you can easily get the best coupon offer for a particular website. You will et also signup bonus from their side of $20.

This website contains approximately 9000-10000 online stores coupon which will help you to purchase items from these stores at a low price. You can check coupon codes for steam also and pick up your best deal.

14.Amazon Gift Card:

If you have an Amazon gift card or cash available in Amazon Pay then you can also purchase a steam gift card easily from here. In return for Amazon Gift card buy a Steam Gift Card and use it on steam to get your favorite game.

You can also search on google for amazon gift card discount coupon code then you will get an extra discount on the purchase of Steam gift card. Just try this method once.


Dosh is an amazing app that will offer you to add your debit and credit card in it and every time you play through it will get cashback and its referral program is also very cool which will give you money on every point.

It will give you cashback every time you use that card to pay at stores and restaurants.You can use this cashback to get your first steam wallet gift card free of cost.


AppNama will offer you a chance to get a gift card for free, you just need to download it and earn points through it. This app will give you some points every time when you logged in on a daily basis and for earning more points you have to do some tasks like download and test some apps.

Also, a referral program facility provided by this by which you will get points on every referral and also get some points everyday which they earn on a daily basis.

You can buy things from AppNana like gift cards of different companies like steam, google play, amazon, Walmart, etc. But at least 1000 points required you to buy anything from here.


It is a very good app which will give you money in return for earned points. You have to install some apps and games, play them for some time and earn points. When you will earn a definite amount of points then you can convert them in money and take withdrawal through Paypal.

You can use this money to get your steam wallet gift card for free. Just use this and earn points through referral also.

18.Tap Cash Rewards:

Tap Cash allows you to earn points by installing games and apps on your mobile. Also, give you points when you watch videos and complete some small tasks.

If you log in by Facebook then you will get VIP status in this app and help you to earn more points in less time. You can earn extra points by referrals to your friends and family.

19.Gift Hulk:

GiftHulk is an amazing app which will give you money in return for completing surveys like watch video ads, complete quiz related to game and countries and by playing and testing games. In return of all these things, you will get HulkPoints which can be easily redeemed to get free gift card for yourself.

20.Giveaways and Social Media:

There are many users in social media which will offer giveaways of different gift card on Instagram, Facebook, telegram, etc. But they will ask you to do some tasks like sharing, do comment on their posts, etc. and then you will get your steam wallet gift card code gift card through mail or message.

21. Card Companies:

Many companies that provide you debit or credit card offers you earn points during purchases from any online shop. By collecting these points you can buy any gift card you want. You just need to redeem those points. Cards like AmericanExpress offered you some discount on purchasing by steam store.

22.Free Games:

Well, there is some gaming platform that will offer you to play some games and in return, you will get a gift card. You just need to register and login, after that you have to participate in some giveaways and follow their instructions. At the end, you will get a gift card.

23. The platform like Pinterest, tumbler, etc.:

There are many platforms like Pinterest, tumbler, Reddit, etc. which will help you to get steam codes without verification and without a survey. There are millions of users on these social sites, which share the gift card of differents companies like Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

Just search for this kind of gift card there and you will find many users who will share gift cards for free. There are also many users who will exchange gift cards with one another.

Free Steam Wallet Codes List:

We provide you a free list of steam wallet codes that are collected from various platforms especially for steam users. Just use them and get your game for free.

Steam CodePriceStatus

Effective Way to Redeem Steam Wallet code?

To redeem steam wallet codes you have to follow a small process, by which you can redeem your steam wallet code within 1-2 minutes. Just follow the steps which are given below:

  1. Go to Steam and create an account after that verify your account through your email for proper working.
  2. Now click on your profile section that is your username on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Then click on your account details and go to the steam wallet.
  4. Click on the add fund section of your account and then copy the code of your Steam gift card.
  5. Paste your code on Redeem a steam wallet code section.
  6. After pasting click on the redeem button and your steam gift card code amount will be automatically added in the steam wallet.
  7. Now you can start your purchasing.

In the end, we can only say that now you will know everything about the steam code and just go through all these methods you will definitely get your free steam wallet code in 2020.
But remember there are many scammers in the market which will tell you to complete some surveys and you will get your desired amount gift card within 2-3 minutes.
Just be careful and always check the rating and reviews on any website which claims to give you steam code by steam code generator or anything like that. So this is all about steam, if you like it then do comments and ask any query related to steam wallet.

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