12 Working Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2020

To get free live codes for Xbox console is not an easy task but, we collected some genuine information that will help you to get them. But before this, you should have some knowledge about Xbox, Xbox gift card, Xbox live code, etc.

Every year thousands of games released on Xbox and people buy them instantly. There are approximately 64 million users ib the Xbox live. You can think about how big is this market and the craze of gaming on Xbox.

Xbox is a gaming console that provides you an amazing experience of gameplay, games are sold at very high speed and also at a high rate. It is not easy for everyone to buy and play games on the Xbox console.

You know very well that Xbox runs by Microsoft owner of the Windows operating system. Microsoft continuously launching updated versions of Xbox like Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Xbox launches its Xbox live codes, Xbox Live Gold Membership facilities for its users.

Xbox including many features like live streaming, online gaming, cloud space, competing with players online, early game demo access, chatting with other players, etc. All these services are amazing but not comes in free you have to pay money for it.

Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Codes?

There are many sites available in the market which claim that they will give you free Xbox live codes. But all the info is fake because no one can give you Xbox live codes for free by spending money from there own pocket.

So, here you will know about some genuine methods by which you can get your free Xbox live code in 2020 very easily.Just follow these methods and you will get your first Xbox gift card code very soon. The list of  all the ways are given below:

1. Xbox live gold free trial account for 14 days:

Yes, if you’re using Xbox console which never allows you to activate the Xbox live gold subscription then this would be a great opportunity for you to take advantage of one-month free access to Xbox gold subscription.


free xbox live codes

You just need to follow these simple steps, given below:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft account using your console.
  2. Get to the subscription page
  3. Enter your credit card details(if you don’t have a credit card then try using your parents
  4. Fill up the details given on the subscription form. Fill up valid contact addresses and
    follow the on-screen instruction carefully to avoid any errors.
  5. Complete the process and enjoy live gold.

2. Try sign in using different email IDs.

Using different emails is also a nice trick used by many users these days but having a limitation that you can only create 3 accounts on one console.

So you can enjoy this only 3 times you just have to use the same subscription, again and again, using different cards every time otherwise it will not work as expected to be.

If you do it right then you will be able to enjoy at least 3 months. But just be careful while using this method otherwise you might get banned by Microsoft.

3. Start using Bing as your search engine.

By just using Bing as your default search engine and then in return, it provides you with a fair amount of live Xbox codes for the Xbox console. Surfing bing as your default browser and adding points automatically.

free xbox gift card code by bing

After getting enough points you can redeem those points as live Xbox codes afterward. But the problem is this method is basically available for US users only. We hope that it will soon available for other countries.

4. By app bounty and app karma 

You can use these two applications to get free Xbox live codes. These apps are available for both IOS and Android, can be used anywhere in the world.

These applications do not directly provide you free Xbox live gift codes but you can use these apps to get them by surfing for a while.

Only by doing some simple tasks like surfing the web, watching videos, playing quizzes, etc. are enough to earn the reward. Then these rewards, later on, can be easily redeemed to generate live Xbox codes in 2020.

5. Reddit giveaways.

I hope you know very well about Reddit that it contains very much information about free Xbox live gift codes and other things related to Xbox.

There are many people who earned dozens of free Xbox codes, steam gift cards, Google play gift cards and many more other gifts just by reading the Reddit community post.

reddit free gift card giveaway

So go and check out Reddit for giveaways of game cheats because many genuine users or big Reddit communities continuously giving the giveaway of this kind of thing. So, stay alert to Reddit.

But keep in mind that Reddit is a future gaming platform. So, to get the live Xbox codes you must have to know about the right place and the right time, it will definitely help you to get the free gift life Xbox codes.

We have already searched for some Reddit URL sources, which helps you to get Xbox codes. Here are some links which help you to get some free Xbox gift card code.

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/contest
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxlive/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/XboxLiveGold

6. Getting gift cards from Inboxdollar.

This is a trusted platform to go and get some free live Xbox live codes, But first, join the inbox dollars and then you are awarded the $5 sign up bonus.

Which you can use to get free life Xbox gift codes for Xbox and later on if you want to get some more bonuses then use this website to earn more points

You will get more points by doing Internet surfing, playing small games inside the website, by referrals and many more. This is a very legitimate and trusted way in 2020 to get free Xbox live codes.

7. Swagbucks.

It is a very famous website to get free gift card codes of differents brands like Walmart, Steam, Google Play, Xbox, etc. You just need to login there and also get sign up bonus form their side. Here you need to complete some tasks like surveys related to country quizzes, watch videos, play games.swagbuks On completion of each survey, you will earn points, added automatically in your account and after collection one thousand points you can redeem them to buy your Xbox gift card or anyone which you want.

8. Survey Voices

This is also another famous method that can be used to earn online money to get Free Xbox gift card code. In this website you also need to do is some tasks related to voice only. Here you will get surveys that are completed by the voice.

Just follow the instruction given on the platform and complete the task. After some time you will find that it is worth your time because this method is enough for you to get you to the free gift codes for your Xbox console.

9. Appstation application.

This is for hardcore gamers because this app only features games and only games to play. So, the more games you play the chances of earning money via points increases. Just download it and use it as required to get a chance to win free Xbox gift codes for yourself.

10. CashNgifts application.

This application can be helpful for the one who is finding a new way to earn free Xbox gift codes this application is quite useful. This application has a wallet in it, which can be used to recharge your phone for paying your bills and much more.


The application makes this statement if a user does daily tasks on the app which are given to complete the user may be awarded by prize money. Which can be used by the user to buy a free Xbox gift code.

11. Get paid to site portals

There are certain portals that are very useful to get Xbox live codes because in these GPT portals very easy to make virtual money.

Just by doing certain tasks like complete surveys of different products and companies, by referring, by watching videos, by playing games and in many more ways.

The time to watch videos is from 10 seconds to 1-minute long. You can earn extra points by promoting affiliate links and clicking on specific ads.

In return, you will get points or money by which you can buy an Xbox gift card for free.

12. Feature points application.

Feature Points is quite handy that is small in size but really great at work ok that it produces points for you that you can turn them into virtual money.

For generating points, you have to complete some surveys, watch videos, play games, etc. By collects more points you will be able to buy some free live Xbox gift codes.


Just use this app to get free Xbox codes and many users still using this app and earning a handsome amount of money from it.

About Xbox Gift card Generator

You generally search about Xbox Gift Card Generator on the internet for getting free Xbox live codes. But the truth is most of the websites are fake on the web and they just use you to get the benefit.

Generally, on many websites, they said you to generate Xbox code and after a few seconds a box pop up and said you to complete on of these surveys.

When you completed the survey you get nothing to form their side and in surveys sometimes you put your personal information that is not safe for you.

So, please stay away from all these kinds of things otherwise you will get in big trouble.

Sometimes people got hacked by these types of things and lose their money anonymously. Don’t use those types of websites to get Xbox gift card code without a survey.

How to Redeem Xbox  Codes in Easy Way?

The process to redeem Xbox gift card code is very easy. There are two ways to redeem Xbox live codes, don’t worry we will discuss both of them here. You just need to follow the steps carefully:

Redeem Xbox Live Code by Browser:

  1. The first step is to open Xbox official website and create an account and verify your mail, after that login your account.
  2. Now you will see the menu on the top right corner of the screen, go there and click on it.
  3.  After that click on the Redeem Code section and now you will see the option to enter 25 digit code.
  4. Just enter the code there and code will redeem automatically in your account.

Redeem Code By Xbox App:

  1. Install Xbox app from Play store and sign in
  2. After that select menu and go to the redeem code option
  3. Here you need to put your 25 digits Xbox live code and press enter
  4. Finally, your Xbox gift card amount will be updated in your account and you can buy games form this money.

Redeem Code by Kinect Sensor:

  1. If you are using Kinect than you need to give a voice command to your Xbox that is Xbox use a code.
  2. Now your console showing the screen, where you will see the option to put your Xbox gift card code.
  3. There is also a QR code scanning system in Xbox, you just need to hold your gift card in front of the camera and it will automatically detect the code
  4. Finally, your code amount will be added automatically to your account.

So, these all are the methods to redeem Xbox live codes for your Xbox console. Hope you like it.

In the end, we only have to say that if you have any queries related to Xbox, then you can ask it in the comment section. We will answer the solutions to your problems as soon as possible.

Here you got the whole process of getting Xbox gift card without human verification and without any spamming. The methods which are given above working perfectly and many users also generated Xbox live codes for themselves.

Now it’s your turn to get free Xbox codes, just remember that these methods will take some time to get Xbox gift card code but gives you definitely.

So, be patient and start working on these methods form today. You will get your first gift card code very soon.

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