Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Characters

This is a complete guide about the Risk of rain 2 characters. Let’s start from starting the Risk of Rain 2 game is launched by the indie developer Hopoo Games in 2019.

Hopoo Games and Code Mystics partnered with each other to send Risk of Rain to PS4. They added some new features to the game especially for PS4 users, While PC gamers will be familiar with the Risk of Rain.

In PS4 we have automatic matchmaking integrated into Risk of Rain 2 by using this you will automatically without the requirement of IP address placed into a lobby with up to three other random players around the world easily which is very cool.

Here we are going to discuss all things about Risk of Rain 2 that how to unlock characters. Risk of rain 2 upgrades its 2D side scroller to 3D which is pretty amazing to see.

When we talk about game characters, the game is filled with pretty interesting characters that have their special and unique fighting style. It is necessary for you to play with every character to know about their weapons and how to operate them.

If you want to unlock characters than you need to increase your game levels with every character which is present in the game.

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2?

Here is a special guide for unlocking characters in Risk of Rain 2. In 2020 or at the current time Risk of Rain 2 has six playable characters while four more characters are labeled as under construction or will available in future updates. We will discuss all of them briefly:


In the game Commando is the default character to unlock him you need to start the game. You have to play at least one game to unlock his associated guide entry. This character is not that much power because of getting it in starting but you can’t underestimate it. It is fun and exciting to play with it.


The basic attack of commando is fast and easy to aim and his secondary ability is much more effective than first when you take time to line up a juicy group of enemies. Also having the ability of rapid-fire which can destroy enemies completely.

As the name goes the character is the only survivor who can use two different weapons simultaneously for attacking to the enemy and we cannot underestimate its power, can call it a combo attack player.


MUL-T is a character in the Risk of Rain 2 with unique abilities. It can swap between two types of attacks at any time, first is a short-range, fast-firing nail gun which is good for crowds and bosses.

Use Speedy dash to dodge the attack of MUL-T and you can use grenades to stun larger groups of enemies when they trying to attack collectively. This robot is certainly a fun character to use and try to use multiple types of equipment to get better damage to the enemies.

The other one sniper rifle which is good for taking down enemies who are flying and are a little bit far from you.  One move which is Cluster grenades can be used to deal some damage and stun enemies. According to us, MUL-T is the easiest character to unlock in-game because you just need to complete the first stage five times.

You just need to start a new single-player game on easy difficulty then blast through the first zone, quit, and repeat the whole process and very soon you will unlock your MUL-T.


Huntress is the Queen of the area of effect and coming with high mobility. Due to high mobility, there is low health of character and unlike other characters like the Mercenary to unlock the Huntress requirement are very straightforward you have to earn the ‘Warrior’ in-game achievement by clearing stage one, two and three without dying.

You need to play it very safe because her primary attack is slow and relatively weak. Her ricocheting glaive ability can bounce between up to six enemies, you can use it when you know it will definitely hit at least two or three enemies.

She can also be holding charge in the mid-air can also put you out of range of many ground enemies easily and which is very cool.

Huntress can also lay down a rain of arrows at a target location and, dealing damage over time to all nearby enemies. She has also got the ability of a straight-up teleport which is one of the best escape abilities of the character.


To unlock Mercenary a little bit time will require and this character comes with Lazar Sword which is very good for combo attack. Mercenary is very good for fighting with bosses and also for a group of enemies.

It is a melee character that can be used for close-range combat and give amazing damage to the enemies like his laser sword move cuts before him for 130% with each third hit managing 300% harm in a bigger region.

He can also jump twice by using his cybernetic enhancement skill. Also, binding assault skill helps you to stun enemies and dash up to three times. It has the ability to Increased Health Regeneration While all other characters have a Health Regen of very few means Mercenary can increase health up to 3.75/s and other characters can up to 1.5/s.

To unlock Mercenary you need to complete seven stages in one run to reach to the Obelisk. After completing the seventh stage you a celestial portal will open, just like the blue portal that leads to the item shop in the game, the Celestial Portal can be used instead of the teleporter.

Inside the Portal, you will find an Obelisk at the end of the floating path with the small puzzle at the end of the puzzle you will stop run and gives you an option to obliterate yourself. At the end, you will unlock the Mercenary.


The Engineer coming with many abilities like deployable nearness mines, an air pocket shield which obstructs every single outside assault, and an essential assault that flames volleys of fun projectiles.

Your amazing turrets will automatically attack all nearby enemies for massive damage and protect you from enemies. There is no special trick or skill to unlock this character you just need to spend your time on the game to unlock this character.

You need to complete the first 30 stages no matter what character you use. In which difficulty you will play the game? Just give your time to the game(can be unlocked in any difficulty, including Drizzle).


The Artificer is a true-blue mage who wields fire, ice, and lightning which is very amazing to see and play with this character. Artificer is capable of dealing elemental damage and the large area of effect damage. You must have to need a little bit of experience of the Risk of Rain 2 before you try your hand with this character as her attacks have a cool-down period.

The Flamethrower ability burns enemies in front of you. By the use of fire and ice to crowd control groups of enemies easily.

The method of unlocking Artificer is pretty strange because to unlock this you have to collect 10 Lunar coins and use them to free Artificer from the ice prison which is inside the blue item shop. You can collect Lunar coins from your enemies dropped randomly. Just collect them and you can also share these coins with your friends if you are playing in multiplayer mode.

When you collected 10 coins you need to go to the blue item shop by using the teleporter. The Artificer is located inside the blue item shop next to a newt-like merchant. Just Walk up to her ice prison and use your ten coins to free Artificer form prison.

If you want to appear the blue item shop portal according to your need then you need to spend one Lunar Coin at the Altar of Newt located somewhere in the current stage. Means you need 11 Lunar Coins to free Artificer. But sometime Artificer does not appear in blue item shop during multiplayer mode. So always try to get it as a single player.


You can unlock Rex by playing the game naturally but not that easy. To unlock you have to carry the Fuel Array item, from the pod you crash-landed in and all the way over to Rex body.

You can found Rex in the Abyssal Depths and your goal is to take the battery pack to the fourth stage and pop it into REX to power him up. But be careful because the Fuel Array item is unstable and if your health below 50% then there is maximum chance that you can die easily in the game.

Try to play with ranged characters like Huntress and the Commander as they can both hit from a very long range. Also, remember to take all defensive and healing items with you before going to the Abyssal Depths.


To unlock the Loader you have to crush the one of a kind supervisor of the new zone Siren’s Call – not the Teleporter chief, however, an exceptional manager that just shows up after a short custom of sorts.

You will always need a specific map to play which is not always guaranteed the map is Siren’s Call here is the maximum chance to get Loader. If you are trying to unlock Loader in Abyssal Depths than you may need to restart your game.

You have destroyed the small blue eggs dotted around Siren’s Call and after destroy the boss will appear that is Alloy Worship Unit spawns. So try to defeat this and play until you roll Siren’s Call on your fourth stage, then finally you will get your Loader.


This character is also available in Risk of Rain and also available in Risk of Rain 2. Acrid is a great melee-range hybrid who has the power of poisons to melt tanky enemies. The Poison can’t kill enemies but it will drain their health. To start the unlocking process, you need to go to the Bazaar Between Worlds.

After that, you need to go to the Lunar Shop. To unlock the Acrid you need to complete a challenge called “To Be Left Alone”. You have to go through the purple portal and directly transported to the Void Fields. To get Acrid try to complete 9 challenge cells.

You need to complete each node and at the end of each node, you will get an item just get it and move to the next node. Try to repeat this process until you completed all the challenges.

Hence this is the ending of Risk of Rain 2 characters unlock methods. Hope you love it and stay connected with us for future updates related to Risk of Rain 2

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